1.1. 3-year warranty for the body and charging dock, Battery warranty for 06 months.

1.2. Innovating defective products from manufacturer 30 days from date of purchase.

1.3. Products with serial number are covered by electronic warranty and do not need warranty card. Products applying electronic warranty of customers need warranty activation to enjoy genuine warranty benefits, warranty registration web: http://segoo.vn/en/. In the event that the product is not activated, the warranty period will be calculated according to the date of purchase on the invoice or delivery note, the warranty card stating the date of purchase and the serial number.

1.4. Customers can check the warranty period of the product by checking the serial number on the website: www.segoo.vn

1.5. Segoo’s products, if they do not violate the warranty disclaimer clause, will be provided with free home warranty if the customer’s home is within 20km from the address of the insurer. In case of over 20km, in-home service will be provided based on agreement between the insurer and customer. The home warranty does not cover accessory failures, or failures that can be handled remotely by software upgrade.

1.6. For products in the area near the warranty center: The product repair time is 05 working days and not more than 07 working days from the receipt of the product. For products sent by the province: Time for product repair is 05 working days and no more than 15 working days from the date of receipt of the product.

1.7. Accessories in warranty period with fault Phuong Viet will exchange 1-1 for customers in case they cannot be overcome.

1.8. In the event that the warranty requires part replacement, Phuong Viet has the right to use any type of part that meets the manufacturer’s standards for replacement.

1.9. If products have been changed or repaired at other warranty centers other than Phuong Viet Insurance, or authorized warranty by Phuong Viet, the product will not be covered by Phuong Viet’s free warranty policy when encountering repeated errors. accessories have been replaced or repaired.

1.10. Products that do not qualify for warranty or have expired warranty will be repaired for a fee. TTBH will contact the customer and quote before the repair if the total cost (wages + components cost + VAT).

1.11. The warranty does not cover the recovery of data, applications, software or assistance in removing or deleting all kinds of passwords on the product.

1.12.More than 04 times of product maintenance in a year, checking features, cleaning products.


2.1. Customer care department will receive complaints, contact to clarify customer feedback in the shortest time and no later than 03 working days from the date Phuong Viet receives the complaint. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, Phuong Viet will have specific measures to help customers resolve complaints in the best way.

2.2. Customer care department receives feedback and answers to customers in the chat directory with Phuong Viet at wedsite: segoo.vn to ask questions, questions about user manuals, warranty policy, purchase …