Rotopus Home Cleaning Robot M2

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Brand: Segoo

Warranty: 36 Month

Status: Stocking

Thông số kỹ thuật

Thông số kỹ thuật máy hút bụi Rotopus M2

Chức năng: Quét, hút, lau

Định hướng: Cảm biến Laser LDS

Số lượng bàn chải: 1 bàn chải chính + 2 bàn chải phụ

Dung lượng pin: 5200mAh

Công suất: 30W

Thời gian sạc đầy: 300 phút

Lực hút tối đa: 2200Pa (ở điều kiện tiêu chuẩn)

Thể tích ngăn chứa: Ngăn đựng rác 600ml – Ngăn chứa nước 300ml

Độ ồn: 55-65dB

Kích thước: Chiều cao 9,6cm x Đường kính 35cm

Cân nặng: 3,8kg

Bảo hành: 36 tháng

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SEGOO Intellignet Cleanning Robot

Free your hands, enjoy a better life.

Free your hands. Enjoy a better life

3 in 1 sweeping, suction and mopping thoroughly in one button.
Live in a clean and elegant way

Fashionable style with Practicality


Easy to use mobile app
Reprint 25 humanized functions
Use your fingers anytime and anywhere

Mobile app integrated into remote control through the built-in Wifi

The program can control the house cleaning by mobile phone no matter where it is.

Being aglie when meeting obstacles

Turn around and go when meeting the steps

Decelerate to avoid furniture

Strongly climb over the thresholds

Clean the corners of the wall with double extended edges

Nowhere repeated and left. Intelligence path planning

Intelligence path planning system, keeps the long-side and area nearby first after separation for more efficient cleaning routes specified and area cleaning like rectangular hallways or rooms

300ml big water tank
The seepage velocity is adjustable in three gears

In an intelligent way, the robot can control the speed of the water when it mopping.

It is equipped with a large 300ml water tank and you can choose a seepage gauge.

Save time and effort

Low power automatic recharge.

Continue cleaning after charging

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